Henry Santos - Cottonwood Dr.
Did you happen to file a claim and then due to something happening, you never fixed the damage?  Henry and Cheryl had a health issue come up when they first filed their claim. Almost two years later (close to their claim being closed due to time)     I knocked on their door and they were very reluctant about telling me their issue because they did not know where they stood.  After my continued persistence in wanting to help them with their roof, they realized that they could trust me in telling me their past issue and felt that i was truly there to HELP them in anyway I could.  I told them that they were in good hands and to let me take care of it.  They handed over their claim to me and immediately I went to work.  As always there were quite a few things left off of their claim.  I contacted their Insurance company, let them know the issue that had taken place and let them know that they were ready to take care of their claim.  At first the Insurance company tried to tell me their was nothing to add but after several phone calls they accepted my supplement.  I was able to get the extra needed to take care of their roof, windows and gutters and within no time they went from an hail damaged alcoa roof to a beautiful Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof.  They were beyond pleased and very appreciative of what I did for them!  Situations like these make me realize that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing!  These two were so great to work!
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