Darnell Lee  - Gretna LA

Even when you have a home builder's issue, Recon's got your back!
Prior to starting Darnells job he pointed out that he had a few leaks in his garage and did not know where the leaks were coming from.  Once we removed the metal from Darnell's roof, we were able to pin point the problem.  When darnell's home was built, the contractor left off a large amont of decking above the soffit on Darnell's roof,  it is very clear from the pictures below.  When Recon found this problem, our experienced claim specialists made a call immediately to Darnell's Insurance Company to address his issue and was able to get the repairs needed to be done approved in a timely manner without having to stop the job.  Darnell also had an issue with his siding.  Damage to his siding was only on 2 sides of his home.  When our product team went to match the siding it was no where to be found.  We then realized that Darnells siding was discontinued and no longer available.  Again, Recon's experienced claim specialist worked with Darnells Insurance Company and was able to replace the entire home with siding.  Recon does everything we can to put your home back to the way its suppse to be,  EVEN if it wasn't done correctly the first time!!!

  Darnell's Job consisted of Removing an ALCOA metal shake roof and replaced with Gerard Stone Coated Steel, Repairing 3 leaks inside the home, Fixing and Replacing Fascia & Soffit Boards, Sanding & Repainting entire patio deck,  Replaced 2 lights, Painted Shed Door, Siding, Gutters, Skylights and Window Screens.  Oscar was so impressed with our work, he hired us to do an interior update including tile throughout his kitchen and repainting inside the home.
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